July 15, 2008

Imagination Playground opens in Brownsville to delight of local children

New York Daily News
July 15, 2008

Most surprises come in a box, and for the children in Brownsville, their summer surprise came in a giant one.

The Imagination Playgroundâ„¢ is a giant box filled with blocks, cones, sprinklers and sand - all the tools a youngster needs to build his or her own ideal playground.

"I'm building a castle, and tomorrow, I'm going to build a spaceship," said gleeful Remel Isil, 6, before he scampered off to join his friends at the Brownsville Recreation Center playground.

Inspired by his own children playing, David Rockwell, an award-winning architect, created a playground where children will not only get their dose of outdoor activity, but will also stretch their imaginations and hone their creativity.

"Kids have this innate instinct to collaborate and play," said Rockwell. Imagination Playgroundâ„¢ provides kids with "the raw ingredients for creativity," he explained.

Rockwell teamed with nationwide playground creator, KaBOOM! and the city Parks Department to bring the special playground to Brownsville for the summer. [More]

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