December 09, 2009

Ideas for indoor play during severe weather

Lots of folks around the United States are being pelted with lousy weather today...bad enough to keep even the most intrepid of outdoorsy people inside.

But never fear - the fun doesn't have to end just because you're stuck indoors! Here are some fun games kids can play inside, courtesy of Fun and Games and Today's Parent!

One person chooses a nonsense word or sound and then tries to perform a song or nursery rhyme using only that non-sense word. Partner or other players have to guess which song or nursery rhyme it is. 

Everyone gets a prop - a random household item. Sitting in a circle, each player has to use their imagination and act out as many alternative ideas for the prop they have been given, or you can pass the same object around the circle and see what each player in turn decides to act out with it. 

Short Story
Everybody has two minutes to write down the longest sentence they can, using words of no more than three letters. This can get very silly, and words really should be correctly spelled. An even harder version is to limit words to those of three letters only.

Just Dig It
Half fill a large plastic bin with cornmeal, uncooked pasta or rice. Provide measuring cups, plastic bowls, spoons, funnels and shovels. Supervise toddlers to avoid noodles in the nose! Game over? Store the scoopers inside the bin. (Editor's note: I think it would be fun to bury some small toys in the cornmeal or uncooked pasta/rice!)

Balloon Volleyball
Try to keep a big balloon from touching the ground. 

Carnival Game
Throw some balls, beanbags or rolled-up socks into a laundry hamper.

Puppet Show
Don't have puppets? Make some with popsicle sticks, glue and paper...paper bags...or socks!

Blanket Fort
Remember the bliss of hunkering down inside your own domain of blankets and sheets? Let your kids go to town with all the extra linens and pillows you can find. 

Got more ideas? Post them in the comments!