November 16, 2009

Idealist proposes world-changing strategy

IdealistIdealist just launched a new website, complete with a bold, brand-new vision for changing the world by building a global network of activists and volunteers.

I like the simplicity of how they state the nature of the problem and the keys to the solution. Check it out:

We believe that all over the world people and communities face three common challenges:

  • There is often a big gap between our good intentions and our actions.
  • Our problems are connected, but we are not.
  • The world is full of good ideas that don't spread quickly enough.

What we need, then, is a network, a movement, an ecosystem that will:

  • Make it easier for people and organizations to move from intentions to action.
  • Connect people, organizations, and resources in every possible way.
  • Find good ideas wherever they are, and distribute them as widely as possible.

You can read their big, bold vision here. Hats off to Idealist!

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