November 16, 2010

From ice to mulch: LA Kings All-Star Dustin Brown

When LA Kings All-Star Dustin Brown took a break from the ice to haul mulch and mix concrete in March 2009, he was hooked. After helping the Kings Care Foundation build a new playground at the Los Cerritos YMCA, he decided to support a playground build of his own. He and his wife Nicole partnered with the Kings and Farmer John to give children in Carson, Calif., a great place to play.

Dustin says, "Being outside and playing with my friends is one of my fondest memories when I was kid. There was nothing better than going out to play some street hockey, basketball or climb on the monkey bars!" Now he's able to help provide those memories for the 1,500 kids that the new playground serves. Watch Dustin in action:

Learn more in Dustin's Playmaker of the Month interview.

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