January 14, 2011

How to surf on your street

Who says you need water to surf? Or, for that matter, a surfboard? In 2009, two enterprising Southern California kids, Wyatt Brady and Dodge Wryath, made do with a blue tarp, a skateboard, and a street. A YouTube video (below) of their playful experiment has launched a rising craze known as "tarpsurfing."

How inspiring to not only see adolescents enjoying unstructured play outdoors, but to watch them innovating and exploring as they go! This is what imaginative play is all about: taking something as simple as a tarp and turning it into an ocean. See for yourself:

Tarpsurfing has become so popular since Wyatt and Dodge first posted this video, they have launched a website, BlueTarpsurfing.com.

Photo by Jerad Hill (cc).

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