June 22, 2011 Kerala Taylor

How to slow down for summer: 10 mouthwatering, whimsical photos to get you started

Kids these days are overscheduled. With parents constantly rushing them from one structured activity to the next, precious little time remains for them to pursue their own agendas. And when they do have free time, many kids are so terrified of boredom that they default to TVs, video games, and computers for a constant, instant stream of entertainment.

As our CEO and Founder Darell Hammond argues, in the right environment, boredom can actually be a good thing for kids. Suz Lipman -- the creative force behind the blog, Slow Family Online, and a special guest presenter for next week's online workshop -- encourages folks to: "Slow down. Enjoy lost arts and each other. Trade frenzy for fun."

Here's Suz:

Many of us yearn to slow down and fully enjoy all the seasons. Summer, with its longer days, warmer temperatures, and looser schedules, offers tremendous opportunities to actually do so and, as a bonus, to have fun outdoors. Many of summer's outdoor activities allow us to be uniquely and fully present, whether blowing a bubble and watching it sail away on a breeze, playing tag on a warm night, teaching a child to tend a garden, or counting stars in a darkening sky.

"Slow Down for Summer" will give you lots of ways to get outside this summer, and fun and simple things to do once you get there. You'll learn about:

  • Traditional playground games, other outdoor games, and crafts that require little or no equipment.
  • Fun, kid-friendly gardening projects and habitat gardening, as well as get ideas for harvesting what you've grown or picked.
  • Bubble blowing, cloud watching, stargazing, backyard camping, and other activities that can bond families and create special summer memories.



Suz will be joining KaBOOM! next Thursday, June 30 at 2 p.m. EST to share tips and ideas in our online workshop, "Slow Down for Summer." Register now!

UPDATE: This workshop can now be viewed on demand here.

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