May 10, 2009

How did Tucson become a healthy city? It started with a dare.

The mayor of Playful City USA community Tucson, Arizona is featured in Fast Company, along with his Healthy City Initiative. Check this out:

It all began with a dare. In 2003, Tucson native and former surgeon general Richard Carmona challenged his friend, Mayor Robert E. Walkup, to turn their hometown into the model of a healthy city. He has done it, reshaping his city into a place where health and safety aren't an afterthought, but an integral part of municipal planning.

The sprawling, multi-faceted Healthy City Initiative is based on Carmona's five pillars of a healthy community: the physical, the emotional, safety, violence prevention, and substance-abuse prevention. Tucson now has 700 miles of bikeways and 72 miles of shared-use paths, and plans to spend more than $80 million to make it an entirely walkable, bikeable city.

Tucson also hosted the U.S. for a Healthy City Summit in December, which included KaBOOM! Vice President of Mass Action Jim Hunn as a speaker.

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