February 09, 2009

Haute Living article mentions Imagination Playground

"Haute Living" magazine recently interviewed David Rockwell, who is partnering with KaBOOM! in the creation of Imagination Playground™ in a BOX. He mentioned the project during the interview. Check it out.

Haute Living Magazine
February 2009

Haute Living: What is your dream project?

David Rockwell: Because our projects are so diverse and bring up such different challenges and rewards, it’s hard to name one dream project. A project I am extremely excited about right now is our Imagination Playground™. Last July we opened our Imagination Playground™ in a BOX in Brownsville, NY, and we will break ground on a fixed-site Imagination Playground™ in Burling Slip in downtown Manhattan this January. These are the culmination of years of research, focus groups, conferences, and workshops…to create an innovative play environment with diverse materials that encourages unstructured, child-directed “free play.” Imagination Playground™ at Burling Slip was the first step, in collaboration with the New York Department of Parks and Recreation. For Imagination Playground™ in a BOX, we partnered with KaBOOM!, a renowned not-for-profit organization that is committed to bringing play back into the lives of children.

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Learn more about Imagination Playground™.

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