February 10, 2010

Go wild with nature play webinars!

Though it doesn't look like the snow here in DC will ever end, we at KaBOOM! know that spring will eventually be here, and with it will come the ability for more kids to get out and play in the grass and sunshine! In the spirit of showcasing the brighter side of Mother Nature, we'd like to highlight a couple webinars on nature play that we've hosted with some special guest experts.

Nature Play Rocks! (1/4)
Join us for this presentation, the first of our four-part series focused on nature play! Are the kids playing Nintendo Wii or outdoors swinging from a tree? Are their eyes glued to the TV instead of fixated on the curious evolution of worms, soil and bees? Join us and our guest presenter Melissa Hanson, President of the Säjai® Foundation, to learn more about the vital role of nature-based play.

The Säjai® Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to working with local communities to educate children about how to live a healthier life by encouraging them to get outdoors, to get active and to make smart nutrition decisions.

Watch this webinar: Nature Play Rocks!

Wild Zones
"Wild Zones" don't have to be in a wilderness or idyllic natural setting - it's really just about "permission to do stuff" with natural materials. Playing around with water, mud, rocks and sticks. Building forts, dens and fairy houses with branches, leaves, flowers. 'Digging to China'. Join Wild Zones' co-founders David Hawkins and Karen Payne to learn how to create Family Play Days that include these 'normal' childhood activities that are mostly absent from the lives of children today.

Wild Zones provides consulting services internationally to people and institutions concerned with fostering children’s free play in nature and creating intergenerational projects that build community. You can see photos from their KaBOOM! Play Day here.

Watch this webinar: Wild Zones

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