May 13, 2009

Go Play Outside and reap lifetime memories!’s “Dr. G.G.” (Georgia Witkin) on the benefits of play:

See that bunny? It’s me, Grandma Georgia, “GG” to my grandchildren and all their friends. Do you see the rain? It was pouring all day. But this time, it didn’t stop the neighborhood egg hunt my three grandsons had planned for weeks but kept postponing because of rain delays. This was their last chance and they went for it, rain and all!

I wanted to log more Go Play Outside time for, so I said I’d be there to help hide more than one thousand (plastic, refillable) eggs on their lawn, and then dance around for three hours while they hunted for the eggs, played water sports, and threw water-filled the rain! Talk about aerobics. It was the best workout I’ve had in a year! And I didn’t have to worry about my hair!

But the memories we created together on that rainy day in May will last a lifetime. My grandchildren will probably never remember all the driving I do for them or all the homework I help them with...but they will NEVER FORGET the day I went outside to play as the Easter Bunny!

Make memories with your grandchildren this summer and Go Play Outside! It’s good for you and for them -- and it’s all for a great cause – KaBOOM!