November 25, 2008

Give thanks by giving (Chicago Tribune)

Looking for a change in attitude? Turn up the holiday gratitude
By Heidi Stevens
Chicago Tribune
Nov. 23, 2008


'I want to include my kid(s)'
Try: Becoming an advocate for play by joining the KaBoom Playmakers Network, a group of adults and kids who work to build more play spaces. KaBoom is a national organization with the goal of building a place to play within walking distance of every kid in America. Kool-Aid sponsors the Playmakers Network, which instructs people on advocating for more and better play spots in their own communities.

Why? "Play is an old-fashioned solution to a host of modern problems," says Darell Hammond, CEO and co-founder of KaBoom. "KaBoom works with partners like Kool-Aid to rally everyone to get involved, build playgrounds, protect recess and work to ensure that every child has a chance to play every day."

What you'll do: Playmakers can adopt a variety of roles, from working with local elected officials to fundraising to cleaning and refurbishing a run-down playground. When the weather warms back up, volunteers gather to build new playgrounds in areas of need. In October, a group of around 100 volunteers gathered in Chicago's West Ridge to build an entire playground in one day.

Now what? Go to and click on "advocate."

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