December 08, 2008

Fun brigade adds playground to St. Petersburg's Childs Park

By Thomas C. Tobin
St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times
Dec. 7, 2008

ST. PETERSBURG — Their names were Keymaun, Desmon, D'andre, Mary, Marquez and Destine — just a few of the 25 kids from the Childs Park area who were asked eight weeks ago to put crayon to paper and design the playground of their dreams.

One boy, organizers said, excitedly described his plan: a 10-foot-high slide slanting at exactly 45 degrees. The bottom, he said, should be 3 feet off the ground so you could fly through the air and come down on a patch of spongelike material.

The dream never materialized, but something just as fun popped out of the ground Saturday at Trailhead Park, 3800 Fairfield Ave. S. About 400 volunteers helped get closer to Mayor Rick Baker's goal of having a playground within a half mile of every child in the city by 2010.

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