November 18, 2008

Equity lawsuit settlement funds new playground at Mintie White

By Donna Jones
Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel
Nov. 15, 2008

At Mintie White Elementary School, the playground was decades old. The steel slide was rusting. Metal rings broke on a climbing structure. Children were getting hurt, Principal Olga de Santa Anna said.

New playgrounds are big-ticket items, however, and typically are funded by parent groups. But de Santa Anna said her parents don't have the resources of those in wealthier communities so there was no money to replace the decrepit playground.

That's changed, though. By Christmas, the 80-year-old school on Palm Avenue will have three new playgrounds -- one for kindergartners, another for first- and second-graders and a third for the school's older students -- thanks to a class action lawsuit aimed at ensuring all California public school children have equal access to decent facilities, sufficient textbooks and quality teachers. [More]

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