September 17, 2010

Cool playgrounds! Wood in the age of plastic

Penny ParkWhat is it about wooden playgrounds? In the age of plastic, maybe it's the novelty factor. Their muted tones and whimsical structures offer a refreshing respite from the bright colors and standard-issue equipment that dominate most playspaces today.

Our Park-A-Day Summer Challengers found that their kids were drawn to wooden playgrounds, but because of maintenance and safety concerns, they were few and far between. Here are three that they were able to find:


Concord Park in Pennsylvania Concord Park

Concord Township Park. Glenn Mills, Pa.
Sherry Frick
says, "No prefab commercially produced playground equipment here! The entire HUGE area is built of wood and tires and has every possible playground element you can think of, plus more. From a distance it looks like a castle with many turrets. My boys said, "How come we don't have a playground like this back home?"


Penny Park in Chicago Penny Park in Chicago

Penny Park in Chicago

Penny Park. Evanston, Ill.
Liza Sullivan
says, "This is a truly magical, rich, and varied play space. As we approached the park, the children and I fell in awe of its uniqueness. The majestic, wooden towering structures provided a treasured sensory experience (lacking in most play structures) – the feel, sound, and smell of the old wood inspired both imaginative qualities, as well as a clear integration with the surrounding natural elements. To me what was most captivating were the ubiquitous private places – the wooden narrow pathways, the underlying crawlspaces with hidden artwork, and the enclosed towers, all providing secret spaces for children to play."


Discovery Playground in Florida Discovery Playground in Florida

Discovery Playground. Tarpon Springs, Fla.
Tracey Quinn
says, "In the theme of a castle, this playground features winding tunnels and stairs, numerous climbing and hanging activities, a tot lot and a tire swing. It is definitely a destination location for kids of all ages."

Any great wooden playgrounds in your area! Send us photos!

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