March 31, 2010

Cool playgrounds! Trojan horses & robots

Trojan Horse Playground in TurkeyNote to playground manufacturers: Children need more monsters! That's the opinion of at least one child, who drew this wonderful "monster playground" at a recent Huggies Design Day. Take special note of the rock wall and "hiding place":

Huggies Design Day Playground Monster

Surprisingly, this design isn't as fanciful as you might think! On a new quest to find playground structures that resemble creatures of some sort, we have so far come across:

A Trojan horse playground at a Turkish Elementary School. Photo courtesy of ccarlstead (cc):

Trojan Horse Playground in Turkey


A robot playground, courtesy of KaBOOM! community member playgroundmom:


And a "weird guy lounging" playground? Also courtesy of playgroundmom:


Know of a cool playground that resembles a person, animal or otherwordly creature? We'd love to know about it!

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