November 10, 2010

Cool playgrounds! Carder Elementary School

Carder School Koala Run Playground in Corning New YorkIt takes a village to raise a child, and as residents of Corning, N.Y. know, it takes a neighborhood to build a playground. Since 2008, member CarderMom, a parent and alumnus of Carder Elementary School, has been tirelessly mobilizing the community to build a new playground for the school and surrounding neighborhood. 

This is no ordinary playground. Designed in part by Carder students with the help of custom playground architects Leathers & Associates, the wooden structure reflects the town's architecture, recreating some of its more iconic elements, like the town clocktower (below).

Carder Elementary Koala Run Playground in Corning New York  Clocktower in Corning New York
The playground gives tribute to Corning, N.Y.'s clocktower. Right photo by Doug Kerr (cc).

The kids named the playground Koala Run and pitched in to help build it over the span of five days this past October. Here's a video tour of the whimsical playspace:

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