March 18, 2010

Cool playground: Berlin's Kolle 37

Kolle 37, Adventure Playground in Berlin, GermanyWielding hammers and saws is not a commonly promoted playground activity, but it's par for the course at Berlin, Germany's adventure playground, Kolle 37. Children are given free rein to build their own forts, some as high as three stories. And parents aren't allowed!

Lawsuits? Injuries? Not according to Alex Gilliam, author of the Public Workshop blog. Alex says:

"Even if you just spend fifteen minutes watching closely, you will witness children testing their creation for sturdiness, stability and load. Testing in this fashion is how they learn. Sometimes their solutions for an overly flexible bridge or a sagging railing are not the most aesthetically pleasing or efficient material wise, but they will keep adding, shifting or changing until it feels safe."

Kolle 37, Adventure playground in Berlin, Germany

Special thanks to Alex for providing photos and bringing this playground to our attention! Click here for more photos and information.

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