October 27, 2010

Close the playground! Someone might sue.

It's news like this that makes us very sad. A beautiful castle-themed wooden playground in Rockland County, N.Y. is slated to be demolished because of liability concerns, despite the fact that no child has ever been seriously injured on it. The playground was built by the community 20 years ago and has been lovingly used and cared for ever since.

According to WABC-TV New York, the district says there are "tripping hazards, the swing frames are weak, and it's hard to get replacement parts." The district is also concerned that the playground's many nooks and crannies make adult supervision difficult, even though such "secret places" are a huge draw for kids and, according to education writer David Sobel, are where "children develop and control environments of their own and enjoy freedom from the rules of the adult world."

We're serious about child safety, but when kids lose a beloved, iconic play space because of worst-case thinking, the damage is far more harmful than a few stumbles or splinters.

Watch the full story here:

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