December 23, 2009

Check out these super awesome play houses

ClubhouseWhen I was about nine years old, I really, really wanted my own club house in our backyard. I remember getting out graph paper and drawing exactly what I wanted it to be like, down to every individual two by four we'd use to build it. It would be a magical place to call my own, where I'd have full control over how it looked and who could enter. My own place!

I eagerly showed my mom the detailed drawings I'd made - practically architectural drafts - and she smiled and said, "You should be an architect when you grow up!"

My face fell. She wasn't taking me seriously. I tried pleading my case - after all, how much could wood POSSIBLY cost? - to no avail. I was convinced this was a simple matter of a few dollars and a trip to the lumber yard, but thankfully, my mother knew better.

Years later, I still remain fascinated by club houses, so I was super excited to find this blog post featuring some of the coolest play houses ever built. Here are my favorites:

 Cardboard clubhouse

Cartoony Clubhouse

Ship clubhouse

That last one - seriously? Amazing!

Of course, we all know kids (and grown-ups!) don't need expensive play houses to have fun...they only need their imaginations! So imagine for a minute: what would your dream play house be like?