October 04, 2011 Kerala Taylor

Cementland: Where kids can "do things that are normally illegal"

A playground where kids can frolic amidst rusted machinery and throw rocks from a 225-foot-high smokestack? It sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, but that never phased Bob Cassilly (pictured left), who described his vision of "Cementland" as a playground "where we can do things that are normally illegal.”

True to its name, Cementland is an abandoned cement factory in St. Louis that Cassilly was vigilantly working to transform into an unconventional playspace and tourist attraction. Tragically, it was while he was working there that he died at the hands of a bulldozer on Monday at age 61.

We pay tribute to Cassilly's vision and the guiding philosophy he seemed to carry with him throughout his eclectic career: "What a shame not to be 11."

These images capture the spirit of the not-yet-finished Cementland:

Photo by lolololori (cc). Top right photo by Bill Streeter (cc).

Photo by mulch.thief (cc).



Left photo by lolololori (cc). Right photo by velo_city (cc).


Photo by lolololori (cc).


Photo by lolololori (cc).



Photos by velo_city (cc).

Photo by pasa47 (cc).


Photo by pasa47 (cc).

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