March 16, 2009

Caution: children acting like children ahead

Thanks to PlayParks for pointing out this fantastic blog post from The Glamorous Life Association. Oh. My. Goodness! Here's a snippet, but I encourage you to read the whole thing. Basically, this woman observed her kids' recess and made some startling discoveries.

Guess what I learned today? Those lunch supervisors? THEY ARE ridiculously strict.

Here are just a few ridiculous things I heard during the kids ‘free play’ time:

No tag allowed! (wha??? No tag? on the playground?)

Absolutely no chase. Stop chasing each other and SIT DOWN! (they want my kid to stay still at recess?)

No running! (again. Still vehemently against exercise)

That ball can not be over here. This is the play structure! No balls here! (yes we all know what damage a rubber ball can do to a play structure. Wha?)

I don’t care who won! You have to let him play. (No need to follow the rules of LIFE. On this playground-Even if you win. You lose it seems)

Holy cow! Has anyone else experienced this? Who are these people taking the "play" out of "play time"?

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