June 08, 2011 Kerala Taylor

Bright ideas: Repair your community

Is your community drab? Sterile? Unwelcoming? City Repair to the rescue!

In our last "Bright ideas" post, we showcased Detroit's Mower Gang, a group of citizen activists who have taken it upon themselves to help maintain Detroit's parks. Here's another inspiring example of citizen activism in Portland, Ore., where a volunteer-driven nonprofit group called City Repair motivates residents to take ownership of their communities by infusing them with play, color, and public art.

Among many projects, City Repair just wrapped up its yearly Village Building Convergence, an "annual ten-day placemaking festival that combines crowdsourced activism, creative community development, hands-on education and celebration."

Here's how one neighborhood "repaired" its intersection during the festival:


Check out City Repair's other projects and get inspired to bring some life to your city.

Photos courtesy of City Repair (cc).

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