August 16, 2011 Kerala Taylor

Bright ideas: An inflatable playground

We've all heard of "Bring Your Own Beverage," but what about "Bring Your Own Playground?" With the Bushwaffle, a "personal space softening device" (PSSD), pioneered by the design studio Rebar, citizens can furnish plazas, parks, and other public spaces with inflatable cushions that serve as chairs, building blocks, or mini-trampolines.

Here's how Rebar describes them:

"Bushwaffle invite new forms of social interaction, collaboration, improvisation, and play... Bushwaffle are also entirely kid-friendly, their bright color and playful shape encourage cooperation and play among friends and new acquaintances... Bushwaffle float, slide, roll and bounce, and are easily moved by a large enough crowd, even when in formation."


See Bushwaffle in action:

Images courtesy of Rebar. See other playful innovations from Rebar.

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