June 18, 2009

The bloggers have spoken: KaBOOM! is awesome

KaBOOM! has been featured in several blogs over the past couple of weeks, including the Harvard Business Publishing blog, which lifted us up as an example of a non-profit doing great work in social networking.

Harvard Business Publishing blog says:
"The online toolkit and playspace finder have extended KaBOOM's reach and impact; instead of relying entirely on staff and funders, KaBOOM! uses online community tools to engage volunteers in mapping and developing playspaces nationwide."

Blissfully Domestic says:
"Many kudos to KaBoom's founder, Darrell Hammond, and the entire organization. Who doesn't love to play?"

Madam0wl says:
"I've recently signed up at KaBOOM!, a site that has a 'playspace finder,' only to find that no one there knows where the local parks are around here either. So I guess that will be my 'act of kindness' mission this summer... to add and rate any parks I find to their database. You should do it too, for the sanity of all kid herders out there."

Strollerderby says:
"With some spots in better neighborhoods than others, some public, some private and some geared toward different age groups, KaBOOM! helps you plan a great escape from the rush, rush, rush of vacation."

The Dirty Shirt says:
"I am a firm believer that kids need to play. Nothing is more free than running around in a park, breathing fresh air and enjoying life. So let’s all help to make those great places for kids the best they can be. And help make a child that has never been to a playground or park experience that feeling for the first time!"

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