October 05, 2010

Best of Play Day 2010: Photo highlights

Play Day LogoOur Play Day week ended on Sept. 26, and the photos and stories are pouring in! Over 1,500 communities across the country got together for a day of games, service, food, and good company.

If you missed out on the fun, here's your chance to experience what a Play Day is all about. Here are some of our favorite photos:



City of Albany Play Day  City of Albany Play Day

City of Albany Play DayCity of Albany Annual Play Day: "The 2nd Annual Albany Family Play Day was attended by over 600 people. The event... was awesome!!!!" See more photos.


Noche de Divercion Play Day  Noche de Divercion Play Day

Noche de Divercion Play Day  Noche de Divercion Play Day

Noche de Divercion: "I never saw so many happy children in my life and parents enjoying their time with them. They were all able to express their creativity in a fun environment. We need more events just like this." See more photos.


 Stapleton Elementary SchoolCoyote Play Day at Stapleton Elementary School: "Thanks KaBOOM!, for challenging us - and giving us the opportunity to rise to that challenge!" See more photos.


Grand Traverse District Neighborhood Family Fun Fest Play DayGrand Traverse District Neighborhood Family Fun Fest Play Day: "We were able to not only celebrate the neighborhood, and its second year with a brand new playscape, but we were also able to promote play to local families!" See more photos.


Inland Preschool Play Day  Inland Preschool Play Day 
Inland Preschool Play Day: "We had such a blast... my kids and I love to paint and be outdoors. I am very passionate about my kids playing outside and support efforts in providing outside activity and a safe place to play. In Calimesa there are very limited places to play, and this would provide an opportunity for our family to enjoy outside activity!!!!" See more photos.


Lockview public school's TLC fun dayLockview Public School's TLC Fun Day: "Our family had so much fun yesterday at our first ever play day at Lockview Public School! It was great fun, and all the kids were getting some fun exercise!" See more photos.


KABOOM DAY FOR KIDSKaBOOM! Day For Kids: "No words can describe the energy surrounding everyone there, or the happiness that was floating from person to person." See more photos.


First Bloom Fall Clean-Up!First Bloom Fall Clean-Up! "The garden looks 100% better now that it is weed free, with a fresh coat of mulch!" See more photos.


 Fun and Filler at Doris MillerSE Weed and Seed: Fun and Filler at Doris Miller: "[This] was our first collaborative playday and it was a resounding success.We immensely enjoy helping the community rediscover play." See more photos.


Children's House Montessori Fun and Gardening DayChildren's House Montessori Fun and Gardening Day: "The kids played all kinds of games including tag, hide and seek, baseball, and hopscotch in addition to the imaginative games of super heros and spaceship. The tractor and the work in the new garden area soon lured the children to our improvement project and the kids had fun leveling our new garden beds, discovering an ant family, finding worms and getting dirty!" See more photos.


South Blvd FLAIM Work for Fun DaySouth Blvd FLAIM Work for Fun Day: "I try to take my kids to the playground, but in a world that just keeps moving with commuting between school and home, birthday parties, and just trying to slow down, we end up cutting out those playground visits relying on school to supply the physical activity. We know that it’s not enough. We want them to learn, but they just want to have fun and play. Why can’t they have both?" See more photos.


Family Pool Fun  Come Play the Horses Way!
Family Pool Fun (left): "I bet moms are still finding paint in their bathtubs. These kids really threw themselves into this project!" See more photos.

Come Play the Horses Way! (right): "I've never really thought about it until I attended the Play Day, but there is really no where around our area for kids just to go play and have fun!" See more photos.


Elm Creative Arts Play Day  Gateway Community College Play Day
Gateway Community College Play Day: "Our Sept. 24 'Calling All Dads!' Male Involvement Breakfast and Beautification Project enabled Gateway Community College Early Learning Center (ELC) children to bond with their fathers, grandfathers and other men important in their lives. Following a healthy breakfast, over 40 attendees planted colorful mums and mulched shrubs and trees." See more photos.


Kickin It Old School McGriff Park

Kickin It Old School (left): "How fun to see all of these kids playing the 'old school' games and having a blast! Let's get more kids outside!" See more photos.

McGriff Park (right): "About 100 kids of all abilities participated. Dan Hatcher of Graffiti Skate Zone said the kids had a BLAST. The day started off with the more experienced skaters teaching the younger kids new tricks and giving them tips on how to improve their skating." See more photos.


The KaBOOM! Play Day program is presented by Mott’s and made possible by the ongoing philanthropic support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as well as NFL PLAY 60. Operational support for the KaBOOM! Play Day program provided by National Environmental Education Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Marine Corps Community Services. Together with KaBOOM!, these organizations are working together to sign up thousands of communities to host events that support the importance of play in children’s lives.

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