December 29, 2009

Are modern playgrounds too boring for kids?

Are modern playgrounds too boring for kids?

Have the trend toward safety and the fear of litigation overtaken the need for playgrounds to be fun?

A recent article says yes:

New-age playgrounds designed to minimise injury have come under fire for being boring and limiting.

Experts have warned a lack of older-style "adventure" playgrounds could be holding back our children's development.


The project's research leader, Lisa Wood, has said councils and schools go overboard in creating safe and sterile environments, and that children should be given greater scope to play.

You can read the full article here: Newer playgrounds are too dull for kids (Herald Sun).

We started a TwtPoll yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, and though we only got  handful of responses, the resounding response was yes, modern playgrounds are too boring.

So the question is, how do we make them more fun? At KaBOOM!, we're trying out new things like Imagination Playground™. Plus, we actively involve kids in the design process for every playground we build with our corporate and community partners. Then there are the epic "destination playgrounds" sprouting up, from Imagination Playground™ in Burling Slip to the Union Square wonderland.

But what more can be done to bring the fun back to playgrounds? What are your ideas?

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