September 24, 2008

Antawn Jamison's KaBOOM! Blog: Southeast D.C. Has a New Playground!

You’d think that after building another playground that I’d be completely tired and wiped out of all my energy! Actually, I’m not doing too badly at all. I had a fantastic weekend building the playground for the Park Southern Community in Washington, D.C.! I feel very fortunate to again have been involved with a great project, a wonderful neighborhood and amazing volunteers.

I have to admit, when I first walked up and saw the huge mountain of mulch (about three times larger than the one at our Shreveport build two weeks earlier) that I wondered if we’d actually make it though the build! I just had to pace myself and help put together different pieces of the playground first and really save my strength for the mulch move. Not only was the mulch pile larger than life, it was also at the top of a very steep hill! OK, I’m finished with talking about the mulch… at least until my next build!

I’ve got to send out some serious thanks to KaBOOM! and KOOL-AID for making this project possible and inviting me to be a part of it. The build was special for many reasons. For one, it was one of the five builds going on that day that let KaBOOM! move past their 1,500th build! I want to congratulate them on that feat. They are truly providing hope and inspiration to so many kids and communities by providing these wonderful playgrounds. I hope I can one day say that I’ve been a part of another 1,500 builds with them!

The build was also special because it was the first time I’d worked with KOOL-AID and hung out with the KOOL-AID Man! KOOL-AID not only made such a huge impact with their financial and marketing contributions, but also through the excitement they provided with their name and having their famous KOOL-AID Man being on site (I think he signed more autographs than me)! Just want to say thanks again to both KOOL-AID and KaBOOM! for allowing me to help them make a difference!

Well, I’m starting training camp at the end of the week and have already begun working out with my Washington Wizards team. I think that we have a good chance of making some noise in the NBA this year so don’t forget to stay tuned and cheer for us! It’s back to business but you can expect to hear from me again when my season is done and I’m able to get back to building playgrounds!


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