September 03, 2008

Antawn Jamison's KaBOOM! Blog: Build Week is Finally Here!

It looks like Hurricane Gustav did just enough damage to postpone our Shreveport playground build until Saturday instead of Thursday. I've kept a close eye on the news surrounding Gustav. I've also kept everyone in its path in my prayers. Though it wasn't nearly as bad as Hurricane Katrina, it still did quite a bit of damage. Katrina definitely served as a wake-up call and had folks much better prepared this time around. Hopefully people will continue to take the threat of any tropical storm or hurricane very seriously and prepare accordingly (especially in the Gulf area).

Unless something comes up to delay us further, I'm flying to Louisiana on Friday to prepare for the build in Bossier City on Saturday. The one benefit of us moving the build from Thursday until Saturday is that more of my family members in the area should be able to help us build. Some weren't going to be able to volunteer because of their work schedules. I'm so thankful to be able to support this project and am very appreciative for everyone involved who's sacrificing their time and efforts to make it a success. Three days from now, we're going to accomplish something special for a very special neighborhood, and I can hardly wait!


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