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June 20, 2011 Kerala Taylor

Announcing the winners of our Photo Caption Challenge!

In the week before our 2000th playground build and 15th birthday celebration with First Lady Michelle Obama, we reminisced about our 15 years of building playgrounds by posting photos from our archives to our Facebook page -- and asking YOU to caption them.

The one million volunteers who have pitched in their time and sweat to help us build 2,000 playgrounds know that it's a lot of work. Yet, as these photos demonstrate, we don't forget to leave some time for play!

Our Facebook fans helped us choose the winners by liking their favorite captions. So without further adieu...

Your pick:
Is it a square peg in the round hole or the round peg in the square hole? - Ingrid M. Kanics


  • You WILL have fun and PLAY! - Jennifer Kline Vallina
  • I invented play. - Ann Gaudard Weeby


Your pick:
Outdoor Play... the Force is strong with this one. - Amanda Knutson Clark


  • Luke... I am your father... please play OUTSIDE and let me think. - Laura Walter Pryst
  • Play is a Force! - Mary Alice Long


Your pick:
Wait a minute, I know I had my glasses just a minute ago. - Linda Lopez-Hellyer


  • I love every aspect of "Take Your Grandpa to School Day," except for where they get to dress you up - Tie Kim
  • Even with his poor vision Bob could see that a new playground was all the kids in his neighborhood needed to thrive. - Beylah Redke


Your pick:
Ray got the feeling his cheerleading audition wasn't going quite as well as planned...  - Annie Lynsen


  • Papa Smurf, there you are! - Valeria Vezzali
  • Because of safety concerns, Joe used huge imaginary safety shears to cut the imaginary ribbon on his imaginary 2,000th playground build. - Thaddeus M. Figlock


Your pick:
When George said he was getting a spare tire around his middle, we knew he was just fooling around. - Jennifer McEntee


  • I can fly... ouch! - Eleanor Warren Townsley
  • It's a bird, it's a plane, no It's Super Gramps!!! - Steve Taylor


Your pick:
KaBOOM!'s Synchronized Mulch Team performs Snoop Lake to the delight of kids everywhere. - Thaddeus M. Figlock


  • Okay and 1 and 2 and 3... good grief Snoopy, lift those... paws... - Jesse Chittick
  • Snoopy wants no part of this! - Eleanor Warren Townsley

Winners receive a KaBOOM! T-shirt or water bottle, and an everlasting sense of triumph.

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