September 08, 2009

Amazing Play Days planned!

Across the country, folks are using the Play Day Planner to bring their communities together for a day of free family fun.

In Virginia Beach, at the Naval Air Station Oceana, the families are throwing a Play Day for all the children who have parents deployed overseas. Kids will play homemade carnival-style games while their parents get the playground cleaned up for winter.
The City of Greenville’s Parks and Recreation department is working with community groups to get families together for a number of different activities, including a talent show and kite flying. The town is also putting on tournaments with the help of local clubs who play disc golf and snag golf.
In Oklahoma City, they’re using their Play Day to fundraise for a new playground, and will have a book fair, face and hair painting, and stick-horse racing (where kids run a race while on hobby-horses).
In California, the folks of Riverside City are going all out, with all sorts of moon bounces and other carnival-style activities. They’re also having a Mariachi festival and a donkey-lassoing demonstration.

Folks in Laurel, Md. are having a bunch of field-day style games, including a sack race, balloon toss, sponge squeeze, egg race, cake walk, wheelbarrow race, crab walk and many other games. They’re also holding an auction to benefit the local elementary school.

In Atlanta, one of their many Play Days will have a Pros vs. Joes flag football game, with local residents competing against retired Atlanta Falcons players.

In Coconut Creek, Fla., they'll be playing blind volleyball, kick the can, relay races, obstacle courses and whiffleball, then they’ll give kids a healthy snack, followed by  jump rope, jacks and other simple activities kids can take home to enjoy. Meanwhile, in Pensacola, they're doing a teddy bear donation drive for the local police officers, fire fighters and EMTs to give to kids who have been through traumatic experiences, like fires, accidents, etc.
There’s lots of fun to be had in Louisiana, too. In Houma, they’re planning a 20-team youth flag football tournament. In Metarie, a group of 30 moms will be bringing all of their riding toys to a local playground with a paved area that can be used as a raceway.

What will your Play Day be like? Post your ideas and a link to your Play Day in the comments! (And if you haven't started planning one yet, get started today!)

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