September 22, 2010

Amazing photos from amazing Play Days

Our Play Day week is in full swing! Communities across the country gathered to play last weekend, and over the next few days, hundreds more will be coming together for service projects and playful activities. 

If you haven't yet joined in on the fun, check our online planner to see if there's a Play Day near you. Here's what you're missing out on:

In Bel Aire, Kans., kids enjoy a good old-fashioned game of tetherball. Organizers said, "Tetherball was a recent addition to our lineup for Play Day, and I was surpised at what a successful addition it was! I don't think it was unoccupied for more than a couple of seconds the entire afternoon."

Play Day in Bel Aire, Kansas


In Newport News, Va., kids race, or rather hop, to the finish line. Said an organizer, " 'A Day of Play' was our first collaborative play day and it was a resounding success. The community came out to play, enjoyed themselves, and socialized... We immensely enjoy helping the community rediscover play."

Play Day in Newport News, Virginia


We at KaBOOM! held our staff Play Day on Tuesday at Forest Hills Playground in Washington, DC. Here we're enjoying a robust game of Red Light, Green Light. Some staff members asked, "Can we do this every day?"

KaBOOM! Play Day in Washington DC


In Salem, Ore., organizers report that volunteers braved pouring rain to "shovel much needed fall material under the play equipment at the school." Meanwhile, kids worked to beautify school grounds with sidewalk chalk.

Play Day in Salem, Oregon  Play Day in Salem, Oregon


Rain didn't slow down community members in Yachats, Ore. either, where kids raced to best each other in a Weed Removal Contest. "In five minutes, teams raced around the playground and the pathways between the Peace Garden beds pulling as many weeds as fast as possible," said an organizer. Then they ducked inside to dry off and enjoy some of the beautiful food donated by local businesses.

Play Day in Yachats, Oregon  Play Day in Yachats, Oregon


The KaBOOM! Play Day program is presented by Mott’s and made possible by the ongoing philanthropic support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as well as NFL PLAY 60. Operational support for the KaBOOM! Play Day program provided by National Environmental Education Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Marine Corps Community Services. Together with KaBOOM!, these organizations are working together to sign up thousands of communities to host events that support the importance of play in children’s lives.

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