April 12, 2011

All in a Day's Play: Palm Bay, Florida makes Recreation a Priority

On one Saturday each year, the residents of a peaceful city just miles south of where spaceships fly and where magic fills the imagination, play becomes the way of life. From sunrise to sunset, Palm Bay, a Playful City USA Community on the east coast of Central Florida, turns into a 100-square-mile playground, offering more than 100 playful activities for kids and adults alike.

Want to befriend manatees while kayaking along the Turkey Creek Sanctuary? Practice target shooting at the local outdoor rifle and pistol range? Play a good old-fashioned game of baseball? There's something for everyone at the annual Palm Bay Play Day, which attracted nearly 5,000 participants this year. Play Day also offers area businesses and civic groups an opportunity to participate, and to introduce their preferred form of play to potential new members and customers. 

"This day is a win-win for everyone involved," said Joseph Fazekas, Parks and Recreation Division Manager for the City of Palm Bay and coordinator of the annual Play Day events. "It offers our residents a chance to get out and become active, and they may discover something they really enjoy."




Whether skateboarding or scuba diving, participants experienced things they always wanted to try without having to commit to a class or a membership. "Play is important through every stage of life," Fazekas added.  "It's gratifying to disprove there is nothing to do."

Learn more about our Playful City USA Program.

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