Our Mission and Vision

KaBOOM! is the national non-profit dedicated to giving all kids– especially those living in poverty– the childhood they deserve through great, safe places to play.

We believe that when kids play, we all win.

The well-being of our communities starts with the well-being of our kids. Kids who live in low-income communities face many structural obstacles to play, such as a lack of safe play spaces or any place to play at all. One in five kids is living in poverty and play is too hard to come by as their families struggle to make ends meet. We want to make it as easy as possible for all kids to learn, explore, grow and just be kids.

Play is the business of childhood and is essential to physical, cognitive, creative, social and emotional development. It's how kids build strong muscles and healthy bodies; it’s how they learn problem-solving, conflict resolution and creativity; it’s how they make friends and build strong bonds with adults.

Working across the country, KaBOOM! brings together people from diverse backgrounds– from cities and city leaders to corporations and non-profits– to create PLAYces for all kids. The communities we serve feel more engaged, connected and united by the common cause of ensuring our kids can thrive– every day; everywhere.