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December 20, 2013 KaBOOM!

Marketing a playful cause

“We've always tried to look for things that are innovative and creative, even though they tend to be a little bit risky—a little bit different. As long as they have the potential upside, we think it's worth doing. That's been a hallmark for the organization,” said Bruce Bowman, president of KaBOOM! during a recent interview on CauseTalk Radio.

Joe Waters of and Megan Strand of the Cause Marketing Forum hosted Bowman to discuss the new partnership with imagine toys and the Go Out and Play collection. It features items that enable kids to get the balance of play they need to thrive, promoting active minds, active bodies and being active together. Proceeds from the collection benefit KaBOOM!, while shoppers also have the option of adding a donation during check-out. More importantly, it generates awareness for the cause of play and introduces KaBOOM! to new advocates who also believe kids need to play actively every day.

The project is a unique case-study in cause-marketing collaboration. “This is something different that an organization like yours is doing and I think we're going to see even more of it as the years go by because it does represent a really in-depth partnership,” said Waters.

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