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On June 4th, 2011, KaBOOM!, North Berwyn Park District and the Walt Disney Company built a great new place to play and an amazing new community garden in Berwyn, Ill. Marlene, the Chair of the Garden Committee, is now working with the park district to develop lesson plans for local kids. Her goal is to teach kids how to garden and get them interested in local, healthy foods.

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March 19, 2012 KaBOOM!

Making friends on a playground

“Our kids have not had a safe place to interact with other kids until KaBOOM! helped build a playground three blocks from our home. Now they go and play more and through the build my wife and I made some new friends in our area. Thanks. I think you guys are doing a wonderful thing, keep up the good work.”

 – Steve Green, Champaign, IL

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November 21, 2011 KaBOOM!

Play Matters

"We worked on a build in Rockford through the Rockford Park District and MetLife. We have also helped on builds at nearby sites. The change in a neighborhood - the ownership of all ages to build, use and protect their new playground is incredible to see!

I loved every minute of being involved in our May 2010 build and have visited the site several times just to see the happy kids. Thanks to KaBOOM! I am much better informed about the importance of play and have used the planning tools to help plan other events as well. Thanks much!"

– Dave and Judy Roby, Rockford, IL


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