June 24, 2016 James Siegal

Play Everywhere Challenge Finalists Chosen to Implement PLAYces Across America

Did you play scrabble or Jump the Creek today?

Attendees at the Aspen Ideas Festival did.

Across campus, a series of playful, interactive installations are transporting participants back to their earliest memories of "just being a kid." With one of the tracks at Spotlight Health focused on The Child, what better way than to remind global thought leaders of the importance of play for all kids.

Running around outside, doing hopscotch or double Dutch on the sidewalk, playing sports at the local park until the sun went down. For most of us, our play time growing up made a deep and undeniable impression: the laughter, the creative outlet, the friendships made with other kids. And perhaps most importantly, play created a strong foundation for our future success, by helping us to build new social skills and greater self-confidence, explore risk-taking opportunities and live a healthier lifestyle.

Today's kids deserve each and every one of those benefits linked to play, but they aren’t growing up this way. Playing outside until the sun sets is a distant memory for most. And in many communities across America, kids aren't getting the play they need to thrive.

Our research shows that play can easily become overlooked in the day-to-day life of families – especially those living in poverty. Kids growing up in poverty spend almost 25 percent more time than their more affluent peers doing chores and running errands with their parents and other caregivers because there is no viable alternative for child care. In too many communities, it is often not safe for kids to roam out of a caring adult’s sight. If play is inconvenient or unsafe, it becomes the forgotten option. But we can’t let this happen, for the sake of our kids’ healthy futures.

What if the answer were so simple, it seemed revolutionary? What if we made it hard for kids not to play by creating opportunities to play everywhere?

In early May, we launched the Play Everywhere Challenge, developed in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Target, Playworld, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the National Endowment for the Arts. This new initiative transforms street corners, sidewalks, bus stops and other everyday spaces into engaging, safe PLAYces for kids. Play everywhere encourages kids to play along the way to school or their friend’s home, or while tagging along with parents to the supermarket or laundromat, changing inactive moments into dynamic experiences. All across America, we want to inspire kid- and family-friendly design -- literally making play a part of our urban fabric and contributing to kids’ physical, social, and emotional health. As our RWJF colleague noted, “Kids playing is the sound of a culture of health.”

We have received over 1,000 outstanding applications with creative ideas that seek to integrate play into kids’ daily lives. Today we announce the 200 finalists. The finalists will receive funds and assistance to further hone their ideas, and in September we will award $1 million in prize money to enable 50 winners from all across the United States to bring their ideas to life.

We hope you will join us to celebrate play everywhere throughout the Aspen Ideas Festival. You may have noticed the playful, interactive installations around campus – whether it’s on sidewalks or at the hot dog stand! Be sure to stop for a moment and PLAY, and use the hashtag #playeverywhere to capture the fun. Visit RWJF and KaBOOM! in the Paepcke tent to learn more about the Play Everywhere Challenge, our finalists, building a culture of health, and how to create play opportunities back home.

As you connect with your playful side during the Festival, let’s all commit to ensuring all kids get the childhood they deserve filled with play.

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