August 24, 2007

KaBOOM! Commemorates Second Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

The week marks the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and KaBOOM! is proud to say that our Operation Playground is still going strong in the Gulf Coast area. Operation Playground, an initiative to build 100 playgrounds in the areas affected by both Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, has passed the halfway mark, with 59 playgrounds built so far.

KaBOOM! has also introduced the Leave a Legacy of Play Fund to include donors who want to help but can't afford to fund an entire build. With the Legacy Fund, donors can now give as little as $1,000 to help fund two great community playgrounds in New Orleans and Long, Beach, MS on October 27. This week, KaBOOM! is bringing together 19 donors for Design Days in the two communities.

KaBOOM! employees recently visited the New Orleans neighborhood that will be receiving the new playground on October 27. The neighborhood children had created their own makeshift "playworld," pictured at above. The kids' imaginations were clearly in full bloom, as they managed to make even a stationary "merry-go-round," right, come to life in their minds. Imagine how excited the kids will be to have a full-size dream playground just a couple blocks from their home!

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