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Brand guidelines and colors
Social media
CEO biography

Overview of the Organization

KABOOM! is a national nonprofit that works to achieve playspace equity. Kids who don't have access to play miss out on childhood and are denied critical opportunities to build physical, social and emotional health. So we team up with communities to build incredible playspaces that help give every kid the opportunity to thrive.

Our goal is to end playspace inequity. For good.

Mission Statement

We amplify the power of communities to build inspiring playspaces that spark unlimited opportunities for every kid, everywhere.

Our mission: End playspace inequity.
For good.

Writing KABOOM!

KABOOM! is written in all uppercase characters with an exclaimation point at the end.



KABOOM! logo - white on violet

White on violet background
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KABOOM! logo violet on white

Violet on white background
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KABOOM! logo - transparent

White on transparent background
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Brand Guidelines

Brand Book

The KABOOM! Brand Book contains guidelines for implementing the visual and verbal identity of KABOOM!. For questions, please contact KABOOM! Creative Services.

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Color Guide

Primary - Violet
HEX: #3E1C66
RGB: 62, 28, 102
CMYK: 96, 100, 27, 18
Pantone®: 2617
Secondary - Lavender
HEX: #D4A6E5
RGB: 212, 166, 229
CMYK: 18, 37, 0, 0
Pantone®: 2567
Tertiary - Tangerine
HEX: #FC6340
RGB: 252, 99, 64
CMYK: 0, 76, 79, 0
Pantone®: 1645

Social Media Channels


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CEO Lysa Ratliff

In early 2021, Lysa M. Ratliff became the newest CEO of KABOOM!, the national non-profit that works to end playspace inequity. For good.

Throughout her career, Ratliff has served as a champion for kids and their resilience, leading efforts to connect partners and make change for communities and kids across the country, and around the world. She was the Vice President of Partnership Development at KABOOM!, has held senior leadership roles at Habitat for Humanity International, Save the Children, and spent more than a decade in international marketing communications at several large corporations.

Lysa has led both public and private fundraising teams, cause marketing and communications campaigns with large global corporations. When not spending time with her own kids and husband, Lysa enjoys all things home, with most of her playtime being spent in the garden growing organic fruits and vegetables.

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