What you can do with a cardboard box

Each summer, parents dole out hefty amounts of cash to keep their children entertained. Yet the wildly popular recent video about Caine's Arcade -- which chronicled the creation of a cardboard arcade built by a bored boy who had to tag along with his dad to work last summer -- proved that not only can a bit of boredom fuel ingenuity and creativity, but also that kids don't need a whole lot to occupy themselves. 

This summer, try giving your wallet a break and your kids a cardboard box. Even better, give them a dozen boxes so they can build their very own pop-up playground! Get inspired by some of our favorite photos of cardboard box play from around the web:


About Kerala Taylor

Kerala Taylor manages online content and outreach for KaBOOM!. She is also co-founder of Glimpse.org, author of How Things Break, and a blogger for BabyCenter.com. A proud new mama, she'll be making sure her daughter gets plenty of healthy, unstructured, outdoor play.