Community Build Playspace Partnership

What if…

…you were to spend a day with colleagues and community volunteers, assembling rocky ridge climbers and hoisting double lightning slides?

  • Sign on with KaBOOM! and this day of fun and hard work will result in a fantastic new playspace for kids.
  • You will impact real lives (not just your own) while building relationships with colleagues and community volunteers.
  • And you’ll give a tremendous lift to your organization’s brand and reputation.

KaBOOM! playgrounds are built by Funding Partner volunteers and community residents working side by side. On a KaBOOM! Build Day, these volunteers begin the day on an empty lot and end the day having transformed the space into a new playground for kids to enjoy and the community to gather. Very simple. Very amazing.

For each playground project, KaBOOM! works with our Funding Partners to identify and support a Community Partner (a child-serving nonprofit) in the market of their choice, and provides full-service project management. Funding Partners contribute a tax-deductible financial gift and employee volunteers ready for a turnkey, high-energy, done-in-a-day team-building project. For many organizations, the KaBOOM! Build is one of the best activities they've ever executed resulting in improved professional relationships among employees and strengthened positive relationships within the community. Oh—did we mention that each new amazing KaBOOM! playspace is built, with your help, in only 6 hours!?

KaBOOM! has built over 2,000 playgrounds through these public/private partnerships across the entire country.

If you represent a corporation, association or foundation and would like to learn more about these opportunities and/or discuss your organizations’ needs, please contact Dana D'Agostino, Director, Corporate Partnerships at; or donate here.

Meet Our Partners

Case studies

The Home Depot - Founding partner
Allergan - Conference related projects
Computer Associates - Business development
Fannie Mae - Build Day blitz


The Home Depot

Founding partner

Since 1995, The Home Depot has contributed project sponsorship, product donations and the sweat and skills of their employees to help KaBOOM! lead the all-volunteer construction of HUNDREDS of playgrounds and fields. Sponsorship activation opportunities have included:

  • Involvement of vendors, retail partner, elected officials, media, celebrities and employee volunteer teams in high-profile, high-impact community events.
  • Sports and entertainment sponsorship tie-ins (NASCAR racing-themed playgrounds, country music-themed playgrounds with ACMA).
  • Tagged advertising, print and broadcast media coverage
  • Additionally, The Home Depot has supported grant programs and trainings to teach communities across the country how to build great places to play using the KaBOOM! model and their own leadership.


Conference related projects

Allergan had interest in performing a community service project in conjunction with their Leadership Conference – requesting only that the site be near a major U.S. airport hub. In 2006, KaBOOM! partnered Allergan with a center for developmentally-challenged children in Queens, N.Y. They loved their first experience so much that in 2007 they completed two additional conference-related builds – one outside of Boston, the other in New Orleans!

Here is what the Allergan leaders had to say:

What was the best part of your recent KaBOOM! experience?

  • The CAUSE, followed by time with my peers to bring it to life. Working alongside team members, getting to know one another – laughing and doing good work! Seeing the transformation… was incredibly satisfying. Teamwork and knowing there’s a need and you are fulfilling that. It emphasized the importance of reaching out to the community from within the organization. Allows us to work in an environment other than that which we normally would with our peers. They want to give back as well!


Computer Associates

Business development

Since 2002, Computer Associates and KaBOOM! have built over 50 playgrounds in coordination with CA’s various clients around the country. In fact, the Computer Associates/ KaBOOM! program won the 2004 Corporate Social Responsibility Award awarded by PR News.

  • Partnered with key clients across the U.S. on builds. Volunteer force on each build was comprised of half Computer Associates employees and half senior executives from key business clients including: Wachovia, Target, First Data Corporation, Southwest Airlines, etc.
  • Selected key markets for sponsored playgrounds.

Fannie Mae

Build Day blitz

On Feb. 13, 2007, Fannie Mae brought over 1000 employees together for an organization-wide conference held in New Orleans.

Fannie Mae had been sending volunteer teams to the Gulf Coast throughout 2006 and expanded this Gulf Coast Relief program in 2007. To kick off 2007 efforts in a big way, Fannie Mae involved all 1000 conference attendees in a massive day of playground building!

  • Right in the middle of their three-day meeting, the team completed SIX playgrounds – five standard-sized projects and one giant signature build – in ONE day, at elementary schools all over the city of New Orleans!
  • To really blow this project out of the water, Fannie Mae added additional budget dollars to capture the power of the project and to spread the word to its constituents. As part of this six-build project, KaBOOM! led the charge in securing and overseeing on-site build day photographers, specialized public relations outreach and co-branded banners for each of their six sites.